Route decisions

I’ve decided pretty much that I don’t want to be walking in July in the main season. Lots of people join the route from Sarria just to walk the last 100km, the minimum distance you need to gain a Compostela (certificate) and causes the route to be very crowded. For me one of the reasons for walking this route is to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the last thing I want is having to compete for beds in the Albergues every night. For this reason I want to be finishing at the end June or early July at the very latest, before the rush begins.

Given it takes around 35 to 40 days to complete each of the routes (Via Podiensis and Camino Frances), depending on how many rest days I take, I need to work backwards from the end of June to see when my likely start date would be. So 80 days before the 30th June 2018 would indicate I need to start around the 11th April 2018. All I need to do now is to see what the weather is like from Le Puy en Velay around this date to see if it is acceptable for walking.


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One Response to Route decisions

  1. Hmm. I believe that April is a good time to walk, albeit still chilly. But you could always post your warmer clothes home once the weather warms up. I’d love to walk in April but it’s my birthday month and I usually go to a place linked to my Project 101. I also don’t enjoy the heat of June July, hence my preference for September.


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