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Just spent most of today researching many different routes and modes of transport to get me to the start of my Camino in St Jean Pied de Port. My criteria was do it as cheaply as possible whilst allowing me to start from my front door. Unfortunately you can only book trains in France up to three months before you go, so I’ve not been able to book the last leg of the journey.

My plan is to start on 26th April 2018. Bookings and costs so far are as follows:

Walk from my front door to Stafford Station to catch a train to Birmingham New Street Station. Then walk to Birmingham Coach Station and catch a coach to Victoria coach Station in London. Walk from there to St Pancras International to get the Eurostar to Paris followed by another walk to a hostel. All costs including the hostel is £120.65. around the end of January.

Walking Times/Distances

ST17 0EN to Stafford Station – Walk 2.7 miles and 53 minutes

Train from Stafford to New Street Birmingham: 08:25 to 08:55 – cost £11.65

New Street Station to Birmingham Coach Station: Walk 0.5 miles 11 minutes

Birmingham Coach Station to Victoria Coach Station: 09:45 to 12:45 – cost £21.00

Victoria Coach Station to St Pancras London International: Walk 3.6 miles 1 hour 14 minutes

St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord: 15:31 to 18:47 – cost £56

Accommodation: Enjoy Hostel

5 Rues Des Plantes

14th arr.

75014 Paris

Walk 6.4 km 1 hour 25 minutes

Just the last leg to book now. It’s all starting to feel very real 😀😀😀 — feeling pleased and excited


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3 Responses to Travel bookings

  1. Oh I remember seeing this before. Not sure if was on Facebook or here, but very useful information. I also want to walk from my front door 😀 next year since the Camino Ingles is the traditional route for English and Irish pilgrims. I’d like to walk the Pilgrim’s Way from London to Canterbury and then to Dover and catch the ferry across to Europe. Still looking at this aspect.


  2. It’s so exciting, the planning stage. Enjoy


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