Day 28 La Laguna Castilla via O Cebrerio, Tricastela to Samos

Today we walked to O Cebrerio to have breakfast and leave Noel, who had decided to stay there and have a rest day.

Our walk down from O Cebrerio was breath taking.

After a while, Denis was behind us and we all popped into a small church to get a Sello and look at the inside.

When we came out, we assumed he had overtaken us, so carried on. That was the last we saw of Denis for a few hours. Sandra, Michelle, Anna and I tried to catch him without success, until, after a long climb, Anna took off. I tried to follow, but she left me in the dust. I left Sandra and Michelle as I tried to catch Anna, and ended up in Fonfria before I knew it. I looked in two cafe’s hoping to see either Anna or Dennis, but there was no sign of either of them. I was heading for Fillobal when Sandra texted me to say they were stopping in Fonfria to get something to eat as it was about 12. I said I’d meet them in Fillobal, but spotted a nice little cafe so stopped for lunch. No sooner had I finished than they appeared. Meanwhile, Denis texted to say he was in Tricastela with Anna, 5km away and would wait for us.

When we walked down the road into Tricastela, we were cheered like runners approaching the finish line – here at last šŸ˜

Michelle decided to stay in Tricastela, so after drinks, just the four of us carried on. Denis as usual, went off and the rest of us took our time. I have to say that we passed the most beautiful and peaceful scenery I’ve ever had the privilege to walk through. It felt like a slice of heaven. Photos below, but no words or pictures can capture what I felt.


We were reunited once again in Samos where we’re staying in Alberoque Hostel directly opposite the oldest Monestary in the western world, built in around 600AD.


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