So which route?

Anyone who has done their research about the Way of Saint James will know that the first ever pilgrimage to Santiago was undertaken by the bishop of Le Puy en Velay, to verify that the suspected remains found at the site were indeed those of St James. It is for this reason that I am looking at this particular walking route.

The first part of the route between Le Puy en Velay and St Jean Pied de Port is in France and known as Via Podiensis. The second part between St Jean Pied de Port and Santiago de Compostela is known as Camino Frances.

I’m yet undecided whether to walk the whole way, taking in both routes, or just to start at St Jean and walk the Camino Frances. I think more research and thinking time is needed as to what time of year to start and what the weather is likely to be doing at that time.

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Initial thoughts

So what’s this all about eh!

Well, a while ago I decided that I wanted to do a really long walk and I’d heard about El Camino de Santiago a very old pilgrim route. So how far is this really long walk I hear you say? Well that depends. It depends on where you start from as there are many roads to Santiago, a small town on the north west coast of Spain. Oh, ok that’s helpful! Ok, so you can basically start wherever you want, even from your own front door if you like.

There are many official roads to Santiago, if “official” is the right word, and most start in France, Spain or Portugal. For more information, and a good source of information, you can visit the Confraternity of Saint James‘s website to see the most popular routes. Most pilgrims who start from elsewhere, their own front door perhaps, usually end up on one of these routes, that are well marked and easy to follow.

So which route do I take?

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