Stages of the Camino Frances

I listed the stages (Day Walks) I’ll be walking on my Camino and printed them off for my wife and family, so they can mark my progress on the map and see where I am on a daily basis. Since doing so, I thought I’d list them here also. The stages provide a rough guide to the Camino Frances, but of course don’t have to be followed exactly.

Stage 1 Saint Jean Pied de Port – Roncesvalles 24.2 km

Stage 2 Roncesvalles – Zubiri 21.4 km

Stage 3 Zubiri – Pamplona 20.4 km

Stage 4 Pamplona – Puente la Reina 23.9 km

Stage 5 Puente la Reina – Estella 21.6 km

Stage 6 Estella – Los Arcos 21.3 km

Stage 7 Los Arcos – Logroño 27.6 km

Stage 8 Logroño – Nájera 29.0 km

Stage 9 Najera – Santo Domingo de la Calzada 20.7 km

Stage 10 Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Belorado 22.0 km

Stage 11 Belorado – San Juan de Ortega 23.9 km

Stage 12 San Juan de Ortega – Burgos 25.8 km

Stage 13 Burgos – Hornillos del Camino 21.0 km

Stage 14 Hornillos del Camino – Castrojeriz 19.9 km

Stage 15 Castrojeriz – Frómista 24.7 km

Stage 16 Frómista – Carrión de los Condes 18.8 km

Stage 17 Carrión de los Condes – Terradillos of the Templars 26.3 km

Stage 18 Terradillos of the Templars – Bercianos del Real Camino 23.2 km

Stage 19 Bercianos del Real Camino – Mansilla de las Mulas 26.3 km

Stage 20 Mansilla de las Mulas – León 18.5 km

Stage 21 León – San Martín del Camino  24.6 km

Stage 22 San Martin del Camino – Astorga 23.7 km

Stage 23 Astorga – Foncebadón 25.8 km

Stage 24 Foncebadón – Ponferrada 26.8 km

Stage 25 Ponferrada – Villafranca del Bierzo 24.2 km

Stage 26 Villafranca del Bierzo – O Cebreiro 27.8 km

Stage 27 O Cebreiro – Triacastela 20.8 km

Stage 28 Triacastela – Sarria (by San Xil) 17.8 km

Stage 29 Sarria – Portomarín 22.2 km

Stage 30 Portomarín – Palas de Rei 24.8 km

Stage 31 Palas de Rei – Arzúa 28.5 km

Stage 32 Arzúa – O Pedrouzo 19.3 km

Stage 33 O Pedrouzo – Santiago de Compostela 19.4 km

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Latest training walk with one week to go

Check out 2:13:31 Walk on Relive!

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Two weeks to go!

With only two weeks to go, the family have been spending the Easter holidays at our caravan in Barmouth, with a mid holiday dash back home for a day to celebrate my Aunt’s 80th birthday and a visit from my Dad and Berendina in our second week.

The weather here has been mixed, but nowhere near as bad as I have been hearing it has been in northern Spain. Reports from pilgrims on the Camino Frances this past two weeks have tales of 2 to 3 foot of snow from St Jean all the way to beyond Sarria. In the last few days these reports have turned to muddy paths and pathways turning into rivers in parts.

You could say I’ve been a little bit worried, but still have two weeks to go before I start from St Jean Pied de Port and the weather looks like it is going to pick up. Forecasts for next week is sunny with temperatures rising to 20 degrees C. The latest report from a pilgrim who arrived in St Jean today (thanks to a Facebook Camino group) says the route Napoleon is open, with light snow but nothing beyond Orisson.

In a show of support, the weather here in Barmouth has been sunny all day today.

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First Camino training walk

Check out Walked 6.95 mi on 25/03/2018 on Relive!

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My first Camino training walk wearing my 7kg backpack and using walking poles

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Getting my backpack ready

I’ve started to weigh out the items for my Camino. So far the total is 9.5kg, so I’m going to have to trim back some of the items I’ll be taking, or find lightweight alternatives.

I’m going out on my first dress rehearsal today with just 7kg in the backpack to see how I get on.

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Check out Walked 6.10 mi on 13/03/2018 on Relive!

Check out Walked 6.10 mi on 13/03/2018 on Relive!

I thought I would give Relive a try as I might be using it on my Camino. Let me know what you think.

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